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January 26, 2019

Don’t fall into a depression because your “watch is over.”

If you’re a real Game of Thrones fan, and you’re mourning the end of one of the greatest tv shows ever made, keep reading. These 10 things will help you survive the coming days of no GoT…

Don’t let it end; watch it all again

Rewatch the whole series. It might be even better the second time around!

Read the books

Check out or buy the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, the book series GoT was based on. Reminisce with other GoT fans

Reminisce and talk about your favorite parts of GoT.

Buy a GoT board game

Buy GoT chess or GoT monopoly. You can find it here.

Create a GoT inspired beverage

Look up some GoT inspired alcoholic drinks to try. Now make it and wallow in your misery.

Get outside

It may not be a great idea to huddle up in your house and binge watch the whole show again. Go for a hike; it’ll help you get over it.

Try GoT cosplay

Make an authentic Mother of Dragons costume.

Watch GoT actor interviews on youtube

Watch one of the many interviews with Emilia Clarke or Kit Harington on youtube.

Turn someone onto GoT

Convince one of your GoT-virgin friends to watch the show and then binge watch it with them. If they don’t like it, are they truly your friend?

Cry. Just cry.