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May 27, 2019

This child genius


Stealing or entrepreneurship? We’re not here to judge.

This generation’s Julia Childs

Via Buzzfeed

Now this is the kind of home cooking I’m interested in.

The artist of this … um … lovely picture

Via imgur

I’m seeing more of a future for them in comedy than in art.

This boy, wherever he is


He gets it, man.

The mom who knows how to make lemonade from lemons

Via @DrMassicotte


This hungry cowboy

Via imgur

I hope he got his horse a burger, too.

Whoever made this genius birthday cake

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On second thought, maybe they’re the next Julia Childs.

The nicest person in the world

Via @overheardla

Because who couldn’t use an extra like? PIty likes and regular likes all count the same, folks.

The coolest (or meanest) old lady in the world

Via Pinterest

We want to find out if it worked so we can steal from our own neighbors.

This meme-worthy mailman

Via Pinterest

Because, come on. Just another reason to impulse buy packages on Amazon…

This hilarious professor


He’s made a whole series where he recreates memes — check them out, seriously.

The best bride and groom ever


Maybe they’ll have another wedding and invite us? Please?

This real estate agent who obviously smokes pot


We just want to meet him for for the tacos, though. I mean who has money for a home in this economy?

Whoever this innovative employee is


…so we can find out if it worked.

Baby Kyle

Via imgur

Dude. Sickest baby ever.

Kris Jenner, obviously.

Kris Jenner Cell Phone GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The guy who time managed his crying session

Via @maggieisntcool

To give him a hug and, like, commiserate.