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May 2, 2019

1. Literally 25% of Americans are too young to remember 9/11

The Washington Post reported that ⅕ of Americans were born after the attacks, and a full quarter were too young to be aware of what was going on.

Honestly that’s probably good for their mental health, but wow.

2. Mara Wilson, who played Matilda in Matilda, is 31 now


Oh, and she has a book out and she’s super funny on Twitter. Which is especially impressive because I’m still trying to figure out how to make pancakes as fluffy as hers in that breakfast scene.

3. Mean Girls came out 14 years ago

We’re starting to think fetch is never going to happen.

4. Michael Jackson died 10 years ago

Via Slate

5. Remember when Facebook looked like this? That was 13 years ago.


Do people even go on Facebook anymore?? What’s cool? Help!

6. E.T., the movie that launched Drew Barrymore’s career, is 37 years old


And Drew herself is 44.

7. That purple ketchup your mom would never buy has been off grocery store shelves for 12 years now


Just long enough for us to start actually missing it.

8. Ariana Grande was born in 1993, the same year Beanie Babies came ou

TY, next.

9. The world wide web is 30 years old

Try getting your baby niece to look up from her smartphone long enough to tell her this fact.

10. Sabrina The Teenage Witch is actually Sabrina the 43-Year-Old Mother of Three now

Via Country Living Magazine

We agree that it’s slightly less catchy.

11. George R.R. Martin is already almost finished with the next Game of Thrones book

Via NYTimes

Just kidding. Sorry.

12. But look at this picture of the cast from 7 years ago when the show aired!

Via EW

13. Your Tamagotchi is older than Kylie Jenner



14. …and Jurassic Park came out before Justin Bieber was born

Via Bright Side

15. Desperate Housewives aired 15 years ago…the same year Martha Stewart went to jail

Via PopBytes

Now Martha’s back on top and it’s a housewife who’s facing possible jail time. I guess a lot can change in an entire decade and a half.

16. Beyonce is 37. That means she was born before the Challenger explosion, and before we even knew there was a hole in the ozone

Via Vice

Can we count down back to better days?

17. This year’s college freshmen were born after the OJ Simpson trial

Via E!News

…which took place a year after Friends aired. Imagine seeing David Schwimmer and thinking Robert Kardashian instead of Ross Geller.

18. The Simpsons is 30 years old

Via Pinterest

Which makes Bart…oh yeah, the same age as ever. Because he’s a cartoon. Lucky bastard.

19. Justin Timberlake rocked his ramen noodle hair 21 years ago

Via Pinterest

Which is incidentally probably how old that pack of Maruchan in the back of your cupboard is, too.

20. …the same year Rebecca Black was born

Via KnowYourMeme

Celebrate her being of legal drinking age by bumping “Friday”. Your friends and neighbors will totally love you for it.

21. Dick Van Dyke is …. still alive!


And at 93 he’s still totally killing it. Hey, getting old isn’t that bad!