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March 5, 2019


WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are dating someone like Jon Snow, make sure he doesn’t stab you. He does have a bad track record for killing the women he loves.

Jon Snow is dreamy and that’s final.

If you need more game, keep reading. If you follow these three steps exactly, you’ll be on your way to kissing like Jon Snow in no time. Truly this stuff is powerful, like black magic. We got these tips from the lord of light, so it’s totally legit.

Put on a black cape

Getting in character is important. If you want to feel like Jon Snow, you need to become him. Get yourself a black faux fur rug from Ikea and tie it around you like a cape. You might even consider putting your hair up in a man bun.

Kiss like you never will again

Throughout Game of Thrones, Jon is one of the most compassionate characters. He takes pride in everything he does; that includes kissing. You have to kiss your lover like it’s your last kiss you’ll ever share.

Only make out with the most badass women in the land

As you know, Jon Snow fell in love twice. Once with Ygritte, the red-headed north woman he met earlier in the show, and Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. They both probably could have run the world if Jon hadn’t let them die. Either way we think he chose well.

Hold your partner close to you

Hold them like you mean it.

You may not be able to kiss Jon Snow himself, but you can come close to recreating the real thing for your lover. Just try not to make out with your aunt.